Ormiston yew tree

The Great Yew Tree Of Ormiston has stood for over 1000 years, growing ever wider and creating a magnificent inner chamber. John Knox apparently preached within this natural church back in the day, though unfortunately it now seems to play host to young Neds who leave their bottles of Buckfast behind. Delightful. I’m sure their venerable forefathers are very proud.

Said yew tree is apparently very difficult to find, according to the various blog posts out there on the topic, all of which accurately identify the general area in which the yew can be found but then pinpoint completely different positions of the tree itself. Sigh, they say, good luck with finding this tree, ’tis very hard.

Actually, it’s not. It’s only difficult because every single other blog post does such a bloody bad job of telling you exactly where it is. It is, in fact, very obvious to see on Google Maps and also very easy to get to. So in the spirit of helping future cycling or walking expotitioners, here’s an image we wished we had before we set out to find the Ormiston Yew:

Ormiston Yew Tree Directions

And a link to Google Maps for a view of the larger area:

View Larger Map

We were lucky enough to get directions to the tree as we were cycling towards it and before we’d spent ages looking in all the wrong places (as described by other blogs): a dog from one of the neighbouring houses ran out towards me, barking vociferously, causing me to emit one of the best examples of my high pitched shriek, thereby bringing the dog’s owner running, leading to profuse apologies and clear directions to the yew, and then to much head scratching on our part as we wondered how anyone could actually consider the tree difficult to find in the first place.

Ormiston Yew Tree Entrance

Once you’re done admiring the yew tree, don’t forget to say hi to the cute and curious herd of young bulls in the adjoining field. They’re going to shuffle along the fence following your every step anyway, so you may as well stop to greet them :)

Curious Bulls